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I teach fiction authors processes for writing best selling books, building their backlists quickly, and marketing with ease.


Create a sustainable fiction empire! 

 Build a Sustainable Fiction Empire!!!

Write Best Selling Stories

Learn the psychology of how readers connect with story and hit a home run with every story you write.

Build Your Backlist Quickly

Write higher quality words in shorter periods of time and build your backlist rapidly.

Market with Ease

Market comfortably and naturally, getting your book in front of readers who can't wait to buy. 

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Learn to market with ease at every stage of the author journey with this easy-to-follow guide.

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"Writing is a struggle against silence."

--Carlos Fuentes

Hi Aspiring Storyteller! I'm Liesel! 

After ten years of struggling with my fiction dream, making almost no money or sales, and absorbing everything and anything I could get my hands on about the industry, I still wasn't living off my royalties as I wanted to.

Things came together slowly and I realized that many authors like myself aren't seeing the results they want because they don't have step by step processes to follow or strategies in place to ensure their own success.

If you're ready to say yes to all the things most people in the industry tell you you can't have, or at least that they're VERY hard to attain,  I'm the coach and mentor for you! 

Get reading for crafting stories that transform your readers, writing more high quality words in shorter bursts of time, and finally seeing consistent, sustainable sales!

Can't wait to meet you and to read the amazing, transformative stories your brilliant author brain is dreaming up at this moment!


"Literacy is vital to democracy. For if the governed can neither understand their leaders nor distinguish truth from lies, then a democracy descends into oligarchy, a government by and for the elite few."

--John Stauffer

Mallary Price, Author

"Liesel understands storycraft and how to market those stories like few do. Not only that, but she has a way of making the most complex ideas easy to understand.

After only one coaching session, I understand where my story needs to go and have the confidence to market it, using the concepts she taught me. She helped me breathe new life into the whole process!"

E.M. Kelly, Author

"Liesel Hill is the real deal! I’m taking her course and it’s incredible! I’ve learned so much. I just reached the Marketing module in the course and Liesel knows her stuff! I started implementing her suggestions and recommendations and I’m seeing a huge growth in sales.

If you’re serious about becoming an author, then Liesel’s course is for you!"

M.K. Sawyer, Author

"Talking to Liesel always gets me unstuck. As a pantser, I struggle to plan my novels and often write myself into corners, but Liesel helped me get my novel back on track, plan out my character arcs, and tighten up an unruly plot.

I highly recommend working with her. Liesel knows the entire process inside and out and can help you determine your next best steps."

"Oh that my words were now written! Oh that they were printed in a book! That they were graven with an iron pen and lead in the rock forever!"

--Job 19:23-24

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